Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

Shama is offering culturally-appropriate and responsive parenting support to ethnic, migrant, and refugee families. We understand what it is like to settle into a new country and have to assimilate into a new culture while also holding onto your own cultural roots and norms and also not having the support system families might have had in their country of origin. This makes parenting especially challenging.

All parents at some point feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenting and frustrated with the challenges of raising children.

Are you wishing for more ease and joy in parenting, more connection with your children, and to have strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour?

Shama is offering support, discussion groups, and one-on-one coaching for parents of children struggling to cope with general behaviour problems. The Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) is an approach to raising children that is positive and reduces the stress of parenting, making it more rewarding.

Sign up for our newsletter or check our Facebook page to get the latest workshop schedules.  If you wish to schedule a one-to-one workshop, email Zola at projects@shama.org.nz.

If you are interested in becoming an ethnic parent-support liaison for your community/cultural group, where you help parents in their own language with Triple P foundation, get in touch with Zola for more information.

The above are free services through Shama, Ethnic Women’s Trust

Interpreter services available for non-English speakers

Contact Zola Aroha Rose at projects@shama.org.nz; 027 843 3002

Zola Aroha Rose – Family Success Facilitator

Zola is the parent of a teen son and daughter, is a Trip P Certified Practitioner. She is a professional group process facilitator with a Master degree in adult education and social change.

“Enriching the relationships that matter most.”

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