Enabling Collective Housing for Women and Ethnic Women

Research Timeframe: 4 Oct 2021 to 1 April 2022
Focus area for research outcomes: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ

Shama Ethnic Women’s Trust wanted to make a positive impact within the housing sector that could result in better housing and living outcomes for women overall and with a particular focus on ethnic women.

Shama contracted Common Ground to conduct research to identify the barriers to and enablers of housing that best meets the aspirations and needs of women and ethnic women, exploring innovative solutions and models that exist or have the potential to exist.

Main Research Questions:

  • What are the aspirations and needs of women and ethnic women as related to housing and neighbourhood/community design?
  • What creative housing solutions/models could work to meet the needs and aspirations of women and ethnic women?
  • What are the enablers and barriers for women to achieve their housing aspirations and better housing outcomes?
  • What can be done to remove or transform the barriers?
  • What is needed for women to be able to know about, have access to, and achieve the solutions and options as identified by the research?

Research Target Respondents

The research was conducted with and data collected from three main groups, mostly situated in the Waikato Region:

  • Women (60% ethnic) in the Waikato who wish to improve their housing situation
  • Providers of housing: Community and government housing organisations, developers, real estate companies, architects, building companies
  • Role players within the housing sector: financial lenders, banks, impact investors, lawyers, central government policymakers, local government policymakers, housing advocacy groups

Women respondents met the following criteria

  • Living in the Waikato
  • Do not currently own their own home
  • Feel constrained in being able to achieve their housing aspirations
  • Be in a part-time or full-time employment or owning their own business (earning some income)

Zola Rose was the lead researcher for this study. If you want more information please email zola@commonground.net.nz

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