Cultural Safety Training

This 1-day training session equips mainstream crisis services to engage/help ethnic communities better.

This course is designed for organisations working with ethnic clients in the fields of family or sexual violence. It includes skills to increase intercultural practice, skills to talk about family and sexual violence with culturally diverse and migrant clients and practice based knowledge, including essential elements to explore with culturally diverse clients.

The workshop is tailored to each region’s needs through pre-evaluation survey analysis.

Participants gain theoretical knowledge and practical tools to take back and use with their ethnic clients. They also take communications tips for asking critical questions about faith, culture, racism, and visas.

This training responds to actions of 3 shifts out of the six from the Te Aorerekura  ‘National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence’:

  • Shift Three: help ensure specialists, general, and informal workforces are equipped to safely respond, heal and prevent, and enable wellbeing

  • Shift Five:  help enable us to provide safe, accessible and integrated responses.

  • Shift Six: help enable us to increase capacity for healing and acknowledge and address trauma for people and whānau

Shama's Cultural Safety facilitators.


"This is absolutely perfect! Thank you for giving in-depth cultural advice and to help me realise that I need to network more on a cultural level.”
Family Focus
"Fantastic Workshop, thank you so much for coming to our community”
Women Refuge Te Kuiti
"Amazing training, do more in Tauranga please”.
Kollective Tauranga
"Thank you I would love to join in future workshops”
Women Refuge Te Awamutu

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