Prevention Initiatives

Since July 2020, we have been supporting ethnic community groups across Aotearoa New Zealand, to develop their skills to prevent sexual violence within their communities. We support the creation of resources by each community we work with. This allows each ethnic community group to start conversations with a medium that the community is familiar with and that is made with their peers.

We support interested ethnic groups with:

  • Initial training on approaches that have proved to work in preventing sexual violence worldwide
  • Six months of ongoing support in the creation of a project that addresses sexual violence and how to prevent it in their community
  • 2000 dollars to support the elaboration and dissemination of the creative project
  • Introducing the community to a national network of ethnic people working on this topic. In this network, we support the groups by offering connections between the communities and continued learning.

Some of the projects that we have supported:


A group of Shama professionals in Hamilton created a workshop for the prevention of child abuse for ethnic parents. This material has been delivered with the Red Cross in Hamilton for the Burmese, Syrian and Afghan Refugee communities as a workshop with interpreters. The workshop was also taken to Invercargill where it was delivered to a multicultural group and a Colombian group.

Mituakiri, a Latin American organisation, created two animation videos about consent and healthy relationships for the Latin American community which you can see here

In Christchurch, we supported two groups from Women2Women, totaling 20 women from our ethnic communities.

One group worked on an animation video about the prevention of sexual abuse in adolescents using phones.

The second group from Women2Women created a poster campaign about “Parents as Protectors of Child Abuse.”


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The ALAC Inc team (Aotearoa Latin American Community Inc) has created two videos to support their communities in preventing sexual harm.

A group of University of Waikato International students did the Clothing Line Project to talk about healthy relationships and consent.

The Yasmina Group worked on an Instagram page “Our Voices” to discuss healthy relationship and consent among Arab youth.

The Yasmina adult group (women from the Arab community in Waikato), created a booklet in Arabic as a didactic material to be used by Arab parents to protect their kids from sexual abuse. 

EquAsian has done a survey about dating behaviours in the LGTBIQ+/ethnic communities in Aotearoa and they are working on the production of a podcast to disseminate the results of the Survey

A group in Oamaru is creating a material for ethnic parents to help them understand healthy relationships and consent to have conversations with their adolescents.

We also have a group of Korean Therapists in Auckland working on the translation of the prevention of child abuse training that we have in Korean, and they will do an activity with Korean parents in Auckland this year.

Encouraging Conversations

As part of the prevention project, we have developed a podcast called “Encouraging Conversations: preventing sexual violence in ethnic communities in Aotearoa”. On the podcast, we interview different community leaders who have partnered with us in the prevention project. In these series of conversations, they take us through their journey working on the projects that they have created to prevent sexual violence in their own communities. 

Email to register your interest for prevention projects.

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