Understanding the experiences of ethnic women interacting with the justice system for family or sexual violence

This research, funded by the Michael & Suzanne Borrin Foundation, seeks to provide a dedicated appraisal of the ways in which migrant women reporting violence experience New Zealand’s court processes, with special reference to the Family Court as the key point of engagement with court systems after violence.

Enabling Collective Housing for Women and Ethnic Women

In November 2022 Shama released this report. We wanted to make a positive impact within the housing sector that could result in better housing and living outcomes for women overall and with a particular focus on ethnic women.

Shama contracted Common Ground to conduct research to identify the barriers to and enablers of housing that best meets the aspirations and needs of women and ethnic women, exploring innovative solutions and models that exist or have the potential to exist.

This research was funded by the Well Energy Trust

Making Ethnic Count

This report covers the experience of co-design and trial of effective ethnicity data collection with four pilot organisations, including Shama Ethnic Women’s Trust. This project ran throughout 2021 with Auckland HELP, Counselling Services Centre, and Single Parent Services Waikato, and included training, data collection recommendations and ongoing mentoring from the Shama team to support our pilot organisations in their intake practices with ethnic clients.

This projet was funded by the Ministry of Social Development

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