National Response to Sexual Harm

Crisis Response Service

If you have just experienced a sexual assault or have had something remind you of past sexual harm that you experienced, you might be feeling very overwhelmed. You might not know what to do now. Shama has an ethnic person to talk to about it, so you can find the right support service. You can email or call 078433810.

The crisis coordinator understands what you might be experiencing, and she knows all the services that can help you. As well as this, she is an ethnic person who understands what it is like to try and find people who understand your cultural or religious needs.

She will work with you and the service you want to use so that they understand your needs and you can have a good experience with them.

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Long Term Support

Shama can connect you with a counsellor or therapist to provide ongoing support through our ACC service. We have therapists across the country who can work with you – the first step is just to call our confidential service on 078433810 or email, and we will work together on who will be the best fit.

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Prevention Programme

We can support ethnic community groups across Aotearoa New Zealand to develop their skills to prevent sexual violence within their communities. We support the creation of resources by each community we work with. This allows each ethnic community group to start conversations with a medium that the community is familiar with and that is made with their peers.

How it works:

  • Initial prevention training
  • 6 months of ongoing support to develop a creative project
  • $2,000 for support expenses of the creative project
  • Participation in a national network of ethnic people working on this topic. In this network, we support the groups by offering connections between the communities and continued learning.

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