Encouraging Conversations

Working in collaboration with community groups and Free FM, we have launched a new podcast, Encouraging Conversations: Preventing Sexual Violence in Ethnic Communities in Aotearoa.
The different episodes share the experiences of ethnic community leaders from around Aotearoa New Zealand as they reflect on the work they have done to prevent sexual violence within their communities.

Episode 1

Souhila Abdelaziz is an Algerian woman based in Christchurch who has been in NZ for five years. Souhila recently supported the delivery of the Prevention of Child Abuse workshop for ethnic parents as part of Shama’s programme on cross-cultural parenting and the prevention of sexual harm. Souhila shares her journey of building her skills to work on the prevention of sexual violence in the refugee community in Christchurch.

Episode 2

Archna Tendon participated in one of the groups working in partnership with Shama to prevent sexual violence in Christchurch. Originally from India, Archna has been in New Zealand for 33 years. In this episode, she talks us through the process of creating a poster campaign to support ethnic parents to learn basic skills to keep children safe from sexual harm. She reflects on the importance of engaging community leaders in projects like this.

Episode 3

Sergio Opazo talks about the prevention work the Aotearoa Latin American Community (ALAC) did with Shama. Sergio talks about the two videos that ALAC created to prevent sexual harm in the community, focusing on the power of being able to say no and be respected when you do.

Since 2019, Shama started working in this sphere. We work in partnership with ethnic groups, organisations, and communities to create culturally and linguistically appropriate materials that communities can use to learn new skills to prevent sexual harm. You can find a summary of the work that we have done with the different groups at shama.org.nz/cd/projects/prevention.

Encouraging Conversations is broadcast exclusively on Free FM, 89.0 in the Waikato, on Mondays 11am and repeated Wednesdays 7pm. Livestreaming for all Aotearoa and the world on freefm.org.nzaccessmedia.nz app and via your Amazon Alexa and Google devices. Podcasts via Free FM, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

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