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Crowdfunding Campaign – Help Us Make the Power to Change Workshops Accessible for All

Power to Change is a series of workshops that teaches ethnic women how to stop family violence in our communities.

Many new migrant and refugee women have limited knowledge of systems, processes, and services when they arrive in Aotearoa and are not well acquainted with New Zealand laws and culture. So in the sessions, we build awareness of our rights as women in Aotearoa, explain how the New Zealand legal system works, introduce support systems and develop skills and strategies so that ethnic women stay safe and protected.

However, barriers like transportation, language and child-minding support prevent them from accessing the programme. We want to continue making this programme accessible and free for all ethnic women who wish to learn how to make our communities and families safe. 

We are crowdfunding for the next 12 days to cover the costs of running the Power to Change workshops. Donate today!

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