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Enabling Housing For Ethnic Women

Housing is a real issue in Aotearoa; even people with full-time work often can’t afford to buy a house. Read the Enabling Housing for Ethnic Women report, one of the community research projects we did last year with Common Ground. The report highlights different initiatives from around the world that could respond to some of the problems in our market.

We are also offering Housing Solutions for Women through a Multicultural Perspective, a workshop exploring the findings in the report, getting input from workshop participants on the many examples and recommendations presented, looking specifically at tackling the current barriers.

Currently, Aotearoa lacks a housing strategy, nor is there any housing programme or organisation, focusing specifically on homeownership for women or ethnic communities. This report aspires to catalyse action to change that.

A key outcome of the workshop is towards creating a set of action steps which will ultimately enable a diversity of housing solutions for women that are affordable, community-led, sustainable, build community wealth, create equity, and that reflect the cultural values of the residents.

We are hosting two of the same workshop to accommodate people’s availability, they are on February 14th, one at 12:30pm, the other at 6pm. You need only come to one.

The event is open to all who are interested, with particular invitation to housing role players, community organisations, government, women, and ethnic families. Cross-sector collaboration and grass-roots community involvement is key to tackling our housing challenges and creating innovative, dynamic solutions.

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