The Many Faces of Lockdown

Lockdown has brought to our times a completely different reality. We are asked to be at home, in our bubbles. For some people, this can be a relief as it means more time at home with family and a better work-life balance. On the other hand, it may also mean more stress trying to handle kids, work, while also dealing with what is happening around in our communities.

There are also people who are in bubbles of one, so these can be incredibly lonely times. People are getting really good at virtual meetings, and this has been a huge help for the computer literate. But some are not as comfortable with technology like zoom and Facebook, and so for them, lockdown can be incredibly isolating and hard.

There is also the longer-term challenge that we have been going through. For many of us, closed borders mean that we cannot visit our home country or have our families to visit us, and even if we may understand that it is necessary to manage the borders, it doesn’t mean that the distance hurts any less. If I’m expecting my first baby and my mum was going to come and help, and now she can’t, I would feel alone and life would feel that much more difficult to face.

So yes, Covid has disrupted our lives in so many ways.

On top of all that, global events – war and violence in Afghanistan and Palestine, extreme climate change in North America and Europe and other places around the world – makes watching the world news really stressful. 

So it is not surprising that we may feel the weight of the world on our shoulders – or if we are feeling worried, scared, and helpless.
This is exactly when we need to look around for those little details that remind us that life still goes on, is still joyful and that there is always something to smile about.

The first flower on an empty tree, looking at your child after you finally had time to cook that treat they love, walking around empty streets, not having to feel guilty for just lying back, chilling, watching movies, reading books, or doing that project at home that you have been putting off for so long.

There is also support and help around; sometimes, we need to reach out and ask, and most times, you will find that people are happy to give a hand.

Because for all the worry that Covid has brought, it also reminds us that we need to look for those little things that bring us joy to nurture our souls and to remember that we are resilient. These times will pass.  Even if we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Let us be hopeful that we will once again meet our loved ones from around the world … right HERE in Aotearoa, and that when we do, we will be able to hug them and hold them … much closer than 2 metres.

And as one people, we will be wiser and stronger for what we have gone through.
Picture: Label vector created by pikisuperstar – www.freepik.com

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