Power to Change is back!

Shama is bringing back the Power to Change programme. Running for 8 Saturdays, these workshops give ethnic women the opportunity to become a positive agent of change in our communities. Having the knowledge to recognise early signs of violence and strategies to prevent it happening, enable families to address difficult moments. Understanding New Zealand laws and culture, and how they may be different from ours, will also help to avoid problems. Participants will be able to take these learning to their communities.

Government and community agencies will also share about their work and the support available. Representatives of Police and Work and Income are some of the guests coming to the sessions, they will be available to respond to questions and concerns, to break barriers and create trust.

But more importantly, Power to Change is a moment for women to get together and share about their experiences, the good and the bad, so they can reflect on how we can do things differently. It also creates an environment to develop friendships in a safe space.

Power to Change:

Saturdays from 8th of May 11am to 1pm at Shama, 27 Beatty St. Melville

Transport, interpreters, and morning tea provided.

For more information or to register email or call 07 843 3810

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