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This year we have a new programme for ethnic women in the Waikato wanting to start, grow or better run their business by gaining the tools, knowledge and confidence to take the business to the level of success they aspire.

Starting a business is hard, we need resources to start the business, but it is hard to find the support without certainty of success, usually this is proved by a sound plan. There is also financial information often hard to understand. With these barriers in mind, Shama has developed a programme that considers interpreters and support so ethnic women could grasp this knowledge.

We have connected with the Women Entrepreneurship Centre in Auckland for guidance since they have experience delivering similar projects for ethnic women. At a local level, Shama also works closely with Sharonn Pirie from FuturesNZ; she is a migrant woman and a business coach who is also willing to support with sessions, her valuable networks and advice.

Outline of the programme and sessions

10 sessions of 2.5 hours per month

Session 1:  I have an idea – unpacking and reality check

Unpacking my idea:       

What I want to do?


How do I want to do it? working full or part-time, night or day, weekends? It needs to work with your life (children, family, paid work, etc.)

What do I have already? skills, resources, plans

What do I need?

Have I tried my idea? What worked and what it didn’t?

What I want to do?


Session 2: Building Confidence

Realizing my skills. Building Confidence to believe I can be an entrepreneur

Session 3: Testing the idea – planning session

Testing the idea:            

  • In group or individual
  • What we need
  • When will do it
  • How we will do it

Developing a Business Plan:        

  • What it is?
  • How we will continue working on this document through the programme

Session 4: Developing Leadership Skills

  • Characteristics of a leader, attributes, learning to be a leader
  • Having a vision, finding a way to get there

Session 5: Developing the Business

  • Costs/expenses
  • Market price
  • Who are my customers?

Session 6: Public Speaking or talking to strangers

How to sell if I’m not an extroverted person        

Session 7: Marketing

  • Traditional channels
  • Social Media
  • Growing Networks and Connections

Session 8: Business Structures, Taxes and Financial                       

  • Business Structures: what is it? Which one would work best for my business,
  • What taxes I need to pay, how?
  • Important financial information and support available

Session 9: Where next?

What I need now:           

  • Need start-up funding?
  • Need more training or specific course?
  • Need machinery or other resources?

Session 10: End of programme celebration

  Mentors and Participants come together

In between sessions you will receive support:   

  • Trough Social Media
  • 2 hours Personal support by Coordinator
  • 4 hours per month from the mentor
  • 2 networking events: Waikato Chamber of Commerce and EPIC or another networking opportunity

For more information or to enrol in the business support programme email Samantha Rose at

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