Employment Support now available at Shama

FuturesNZ has partnered up with Shama to support our clients find employment. “Many clients are keen to find paid employment but the format of their CV doesn’t work here, or they don’t know where to start,” says Silvana Erenchun Perez, Manager at Shama, “so having Sharon Pirie and her team providing that guidance makes a real impact.”

FuturesNZ is a local business that started last year. A team of Coaches work with professionals, youth, people returning to work or changing careers and everyday people to help them define and achieve their employment goals. Sharonn is committed to contributing back to our communities, so as part of having a socially responsible business is that she put her service in a volunteer basis at Shama, so clients receive this service for free. “My grandparents instilled in me that desire to give back to my community, that it was my duty and I would be a better person for it. I like to think they were right”, says Sharonn.

Clients wanting to receive this service have to meet our criteria. Get in touch with us at Shama, if you want to find out more or call us on 07 8433810
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