Brave Conversations

Juanita is pictured in the middle of the back row of the Shama Team photo
Shama has been delivering cultural safety training in mainstream sexual violence crisis organisations for several months now. As part of this training, participants are asked to fill in a pre-training survey that helps us decide how to focus the training and also gives us insight into the practices that mainstream organisations have, to work with culturally, religiously and linguistically diverse communities.
We have aggregated this data across New Zealand and have insight into how mainstream organisations approach difficult conversations about faith, culture, racism and visas, as well as data that points to structural gaps in services being able to work well with ethnic communities.
This data is being presented in a webinar by Juanita Rojas (pictured in middle back row of photo), Evaluation lead for the National Sexual Violence Crisis Connection service for Shama.
Time: 2pm, Thursday 26th March

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