Ethnic Employment Tasters a great opportunity for young ethnic people (15 to 18 years old)

Ethnic Employment Tasters is a new initiative under the Waikato Plan, the idea is to give young people an employment experience in the career field/pathway they aspire to work in future.

The programme starts with a one to one strength-based conversation with the young person where their interests, skills and aspirations will be explored. Based on this discussion, the youth will then be matched with a potential employer where they will gain a taste of employment in that particular field. 

The young person will be able to attend the workplace for two or three days over two weeks with range of supports around them, in particular, focused on pastoral care and a sense of being valued as an individual.

The aims of the project are:

  • To give rangatahi a positive and inspiring experience that disrupts their likely path and re-connects them to education, training or employment because the experience has shown them possibilities to seize
  • To shift perspectives of both employers and rangatahi about:
    • Youth will be able to make different choices (with support) about what happens next in their life
    • Employers gain insights about supporting vulnerable young people into work and how life-changing this can be.

What are the criteria for rangatahi/youth?

  • Aged 15-18 (negotiable).
  • Has experienced negative impact from lockdown, i.e. has not gone back to school, or is struggling to, or is feeling the effect of lockdown on family life, increased social insecurities etc.
  • Has a relationship/connection to someone at school or within your organisation where trust is well established.
  • Is open to talking about what they dream of doing, however ‘big’ the dream sounds.
  • Able to commit to engaging with the experience of employment.

For more information or to register email or call 07 843 3810

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