Parents Support Programme

Parents Support Programme

Helping to ease the stress of being a parent

We have a network of volunteers from various communities who can visit you on a regular or casual basis and can volunteer their time to your family’s wellbeing.

Our “Parents Support programme “ has extended its service from New Ethnic Parents to All and Any Ethnic Parents those who need support. We have a lovely group of trained, experienced, and police checked volunteers to support you and your family.

Our Parent Support programme volunteer (PSPV) can take care of your child for at least a couple of hours a week, while you take the break you deserve or study, go for a walk or take time to relax. It is all up to you!

They can support you with household chores, entertaining your child/children, being a companion, help you build social networks, provide appropriate advocacy support, and provide guidance and information on access to local services, and more….

Shama is waiting to support your family!

For more information or refer a parent or a family

Contact Ushaa on 07 8433810 or email her on

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